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Advanced Active Peacemakers Hospital
             (Training & Care) [GUJRANWALA]

Mission Statement :

The AAPCare4Life project supports initiatives, action, advice, information, research and development in order to achieve the following objectives : 

1)  Adequate dialysis and transplantation facilities for all patients with FFH (build with in 5 years by donor Netherlands.)

2) Further improvement in treatment and therapy for patients with kidney disease, aimed particularly but not exclusively at patients with FFH;

3) Social and financial support for patients with FHH;

4) Applied as well as fundamental scientific research within the broad scope of nephrology;

5) prevention of kidney diseases

6) Emergency oxygen surrenders and ambiences emergency medicine

Organisations: 1. From UK 2. EU 3. UAE 4. Pakistan

The association of kidney patients, with its will be come 5000 members, is independent but its financed almost 100% by the fundraising of the aapcare4life. The patients' associations receives nearly 25% of the proceeds of the annual income as far as obtained by collecting boxes. its activities include the promotion of mutual contacts, medical information, interests and a programme for employment exchange.